Sunday, November 25, 2012

Islam dan bola

Since I was young, I totally a die hard fan for this club..Newcastle United..the only reason why I support this club because of Alan Shearer. Even dia kuda tua dan sekarang jadi sport commentator, aku x pernah switch minat aku dengan other clubs..Sebenarnya ada macam Manchester United and Manchester City...hahaha..

Sejak last season, performance kelab kota bharu ni very impressive..Alan Pardew is really a good coach..Even though this club does not have a star player or wins many games or cups (last yang aku ingat club ni menang FA Cup 1998 dulu), but it still can maintain as one of the main club in England..cuma pernah sekali newcastle jatuh 3 years ago to the 1st division sebab kebodohan coach (yang tidak boleh disebut namanya..hahaha)

Alright,let's focus for this time punya post..Aku bukan nak sangat cerita pasal history of this club tapi aku nak cerita pasal Alan Pardew yang puji pemain2 yang beragama Islam di dalam club ni..One of the Muslim player in this club is Demba Ba..Currently, Demba Ba is one of the top scorer in EPL and aku sangat bangga sebab dia berjaya buktikan even Newcastle currently berada di pertengahan liga but antara the best scorer adalah dia dan dia adalah seorang Islam. :)

This is the story from Alan Pardew about Demba Ba: (^_^)

"I still have contacts at West Ham, friends throughout the club who told me all about Demba. After watching his performances for West Ham, I was convinced he had the right attitude and characteristics. More importantly, he was a player who would score goals at this club.

One of the things I wanted to check out was his injuries. I had heard the rumours, and there was the failed medical at Stoke, but he trained every day at West Ham and they didn’t perceive it would be an issue. Other than the fact there is a picture of his knee which doesn’t look very well, I wasn’t bothered. I’ve not even seen the picture. That’s not to say that at some time in his career it won’t have an effect on him, but he has trained every day with us, too. That is all I need to know.

As a man and a footballer he is strong, clear management material and a leader who tells you how it is. I like all of those attributes in a player. He is a big leader in the dressing room and I want him here for years, to take the club forward. Demba is one of a number of Muslim players at Newcastle United. We have as many as eight, and it is a very important part of our club. Some don’t portray it openly, some do, and Demba is a strong believer who follows the traditions, perhaps more than others, and I respect that.

Their lifestyle makes for great professional footballers because they don’t drink, they live correctly and are absolutely perfect ambassadors for their religion. It is nice to listen to their opinions, too. There are players who aren’t religious who live just as well. But this group’s focus on their life, career, profession and success is very important to them, and it is not just about how they live, eat, sleep or conduct their lives. We have thought about building a prayer room for all faiths within  St James’ Park which can be used on match days. It is right and we are still trying to nail a place down within the stadium and are investigating the issue to make sure we get it right.

Demba has shown great determination to get where he is today and I see that every day. I see it in negotiations with him. I think he has been hurt by the whole process and he wants to prove to people he is a top player. I would like to think we have helped him do that at Newcastle United. We are one of the first clubs to offer him security. We all want Demba to stay at Newcastle and we’re working on trying to secure his future at the club."

It really a thoughtful story from a Christian to someone who is a Muslim. If Alan can respect Demba in regard Islam, why we can do so among us in Islam. Apart from that, I do respect his statement to allow Demba to practice his own belief which something we lack currently in our society especially in Muslim community itself. Perkara paling buat aku tertarik dengan kenyataan Alan ni adalah dia berjaya menunjukkan sebenarnya Islam dan bola can be incorporated (macam buat company je) between each other. It is not wrong palying football if Islam tidak diketepikan. Ini boleh dibuktikan dengan beberapa nama besar dalam sukan bola sepak seperti Mesut Ozil yang membuktikan sukan ni sebenarnya lebih menguatkan lagi imej Islam di mata agama lain.

Hmm...cukuplah aku membebel pasal benda ni..Perut dah lapar dan misi mencari nasi harus dilakukan walaupun xde duit sekarang..:D..Jumpa lagi for the next post kalau ada idea lah nak taip apa..Assalamualaikum... :)

p/s: Aku ni minat team ni tapi jersi x pernah update..last aku beli jersi time 1998 dulu dan jersi tu dah x muat untuk dipakai sebab aku tough sekarang...hahaha